Mojo 3.6

Music sharing done right


  • Browse through libraries
  • Share iTunes with other Mojo users
  • Subscribe to playlists


  • Limited number of features
  • Can be difficult finding other users

Very good
Mojo not only allows you to share iTunes library with others, but it will also let you download tracks from other people's libraries.

With an interface reminiscent of both iTunes and a messaging client, Mojo is easy to work with. It will display all libraries, that is if you have found others to connect with, in a list. Clicking on a library will bring up an iTunes like interface from which you can see all your tracks (in grey), protected songs (in red) and your contacts' songs. You can also see other iTunes sections like shows, movies or podcasts and even subscribe to others' playlists. Changes will be automatically downloaded to your library so you are always up to date.

Mojo offers a basic playback function at the bottom left to listen to the tracks and you'll notice you can download tracks via the button on the bottom right. The process is fairly quick with an audio file but can take more time with video. Mojo is very enjoyable to use but unfortunately it can be difficult to find other users also connected to Mojo. Both of you will have to agree on the port to use to share songs.

Despite some difficulties in finding other users to share libraries with, Mojo is an enjoyable program to listen to other iTunes libraries.

With just two clicks, you are ready to browse, select, and download music from other Mojo users. Plus, subscribe to the playlists of other users, and Mojo will update those playlists anytime they are online. Finally, all downloaded songs will automatically be added to your iTunes library.

Mojo will automatically find other users on your network and allows you to easily add buddies to your roster for those who aren't on your local network. Select any user to begin sharing. It’s that simple. This is all accomplished transparently using a multitude of technologies such as Bonjour, XMPP (Jabber), HTTP/TCP, and STUNT. This means Mojo will automatically handle all the messy network configuration without any user interaction.

Select a user to share with, and Mojo opens a browsing window. Songs you already have in your library are grayed out. Also, protected songs display in red. Check the checkbox next to the songs you wish to download. When your selection is complete, click one button and you're done. All the songs you have selected will be automatically downloaded and added to your iTunes library.

If manually choosing the music is too much work, try using the playlist subscriptions. Choose any playlist to subscribe to, and Mojo will automatically download and update the latest changes to that playlist anytime you are on the same network with the playlist’s owner.



Mojo 3.6

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